Meeting Strangers in a Fun New Way!

Have you ever taken a ‘selfie’?? I surly know I have and the majority of the people I know have. Well, here is my new way of trying to meet strangers! [check out the image]

On here is also my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram connections so go FIND ME!!

About two weeks ago I began taking selfies with a new stranger everyday, looking to learn more about the people in my community and on my campus! I ask about 4 questions:

1) Can I take a selfie with you? [I normally get a weird look and a response similar to ummm sure.]

2) What is your name and tell me something about yourself so I can get to know you a bit.    [ I also tell the person something about me, but I have learned some really interesting things!]

3) Can I post this on social media? [Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and now my Blog!! eeek. I ask this to be respectful of the person’s privacy!]

4) Can I have your information to tag you in the photo? [this is a way for me to be able to connect with my ‘not a stranger’s anymore’]

I will be adding a few questions soon, and will surely update you when I do!!

Here are my two new friends from today!

When looking at the picture to the left is Vince! He is going to school to be a pharmacist! On the right is Brayden who is going to school to be an Occupational Therapist. Both go to the beautiful University of Findlay! I look forward to seeing them around campus and seeing where they go in the future! [Thanks guys for being the first strangers on my blog!]

I hope you are having a great weekend!!

{be on the lookout for another post in the next few day!}

Love Always


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