About us

Notaflower was started by Sofia Luqui during her time at university with the objective of bringing joy and sharing ideas. 

In a time of pandemics, wars and climate catastrophe, it is easy to look at the world through a lens of despair. We believe in making and experimenting spontaneously, focusing on enjoying the experience of producing and embracing the unpredictable nature of these outcomes.

Our name ‘Not a flower’ comes from an inside joke Sofia came up with at the age of 13 inspired by ‘The treachery of images’ painting by René Magritte, also known as ‘This is not a pipe’. She would draw pages full and found it hilarious whenever asked about these ‘flowers’.

It embodies the concept of not taking yourself too seriously, to find fun in the mundane and share that playfulness with the people around you.

Not a flower designs

@notaflowerdesigns / hellonotaflower@outlook.com

This is the space at the bottom of our website, we dont have that much to say other than have a nice day.